A Spacious in-Law Suite Home Addition near Columbus, Ohio

October 20, 2023

home addition columbus ohio

A rise in multigenerational living has led to many families looking into how they can build an in-law suite, home addition, or other home renovation to accommodate their family members.

But what does an in-law suite entail, how do you design it, and where do you even start? Here is your guide to creating the perfect in-law suite for your family.

What is an In-law Suite?

An in-law suite is a separate living space on a property, like a home within a home. An in-law suite is often in a basement or on the first floor, which usually requires some renovation. It can also be attached to the side of a home as a home addition or be separate from the main house but still sit on the property.

Some families may even create a multigenerational floor plan for an existing home.

What are the Benefits of an In-Law Suite?
Some benefits of building an in-law suite in Columbus, Ohio (and anywhere really) include:

  • enabling your family to have multi-generational living,
  • reducing family members’ social isolation if they currently live alone,
  • providing closer proximity to a family member while still giving them independence and privacy,
  • reducing your family’s overall cost of living,
  • providing you with a space to rent either to a tenant or to an AirBnB guest, and
  • increasing your property’s value.
home addition columbus ohio

What does an In-law Suite Need to Have?

An in-law suite needs to have:

  • a bedroom,
  • a full bathroom (including toilet, sink, shower, and/or bathtub),
  • a kitchen or kitchenette,
  • a dining area,
  • a living space, and
  • a private entrance.

The idea behind an in-law suite is that the person living there is close to, but separate from, the main home.

The desired degree of separation may require some home renovation or a home addition.

An in-law suite should also have universal design elements to accommodate aging family members


What does a universally designed in-law suite look like?
We recently built a home addition using universal design. Like many gen-Xers and millennials, the client wants to take care of their parents as they enter their golden years.

This Ohio in-law suite was specifically designed for someone who may need a wheelchair in the future, but we kept the home addition feeling natural. Everything feels comfortable, cozy, and bright. It feels like a home rather than like a hospital or assisted living space.

With this home addition in Columbus, Ohio, the customer’s loved ones can be independent while still being close by. Also, the customer’s family members may adapt the space for whatever mobility accommodations they need.

home addition columbus ohio
home addition columbus ohio

As you can see from the bathroom above, we designed the shower and vanity to accommodate wheelchairs.

Looking to Build a Home Addition near Columbus, Ohio?

Building a home for an in-law suite can be overwhelming, especially if there are mobility concerns to consider. But if you are interested in renovating a home to accommodate multigenerational living or are looking to build an in-law suite in Columbus, Ohio, then Heitmeyer Building & Design can help.

Contact Keith at Heitmeyer Building & Design in Pickerington, Ohio by emailing him at info@heitmeyerbuild.com or calling (614) 837-1301. At Heitmeyer Building & Design, we’d love to get a sense of what you’re looking for and how we can help you to build a home addition or do a home renovation in Columbus, Ohio so that you will have a space that will benefit your family for years to come. 

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