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When planning your new Custom Home, Heitmeyer Building & Design provides a guided approach to help you create your dream home. We work with you to help identify the style, function and design of your home, while maintaining your budget objectives. Our step by step process includes:

  1. Initial Review – Identify your budget and what you hope to accomplish. We work to identify economical solutions in order to create a beautiful, functioning and enjoyable living space.
  2. Design Team Collaboration – Architects, interior designers, cabinetry layout specialists, landscape designers and various suppliers help provide creative design
  3. Consultation with Trades – Sharing the design progression with our trade partners to ensure maximum efficiency and economical value.
  4. Final Budget/Design/Timeline – After extensive collaboration and consultation, the design is complete with a final budget and timeline confirmed by you.
  5. Transform Your Dreams Into Reality – From excavation to trim finishes, the entire team takes pride in craftsmanship and attention to every detail to maintain consistency in all of our homes.

At Heitmeyer Building & Design, our open dialog, continued conversations, detailed notes, shared timeline and personal interaction is the core foundation in creating your dream home. It is more than the structure and finishes that create quality. It is the overall Experience and Process that makes you proud to own a quality Heitmeyer home.

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