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What Makes Us Different

Heitmeyer Building & Design has serviced the Central Ohio residential and commercial building industries for decades. Our work is built from a commitment to quality and our success is found in our 3 core principles; Care, Communication, and Comfort.



We take pride in craftsmanship, attention to detail and consistency through both self performance and a loyal team that ALWAYS has your best interest in mind.



Heitmeyer Build & Design strives to provide continual information that keeps us and the client in-sync during the entire construction process.



Heitmeyer Build & Design strives to make the process simple, enjoyable and stress-free which allows you more time to focus on your business, family and life.


Our Areas of expertise

Over the years, Heitmeyer Build & Design has brought hundreds of homeowners and business owners dreams to life! Below are our 3 main areas of expertise. Please reach out to discuss specialty needs with one of our representatives.

Residential Remodeling

Custom new Homes

Commercial Construction


Blog Spotlight

Check out some of our blogs to get a better understanding of who we are, what we do, and why we do it!

We are a passionate bunch and love to educate any and all on some of the specifics within our industry. Feel free to reach out with any question!

basement suite

How Much Will A Basement Suite Add To The Resale Of My Home?

Basements have plenty of creative and financial potential for homeowners.

Many homeowners with unfinished basements tend to ponder what they should do with that extra space. “Should it be used as storage? Should I let it be? Should I turn it into something useful?”

The possibilities are in your hands, but creating a basement suite would be a great choice. Not only does it add another livable space to the home, but it can also add to the resale value of your home if you ever decide to sell it.

Today, we’ll be showing you how a basement suite will boost your home’s value and market attractiveness.

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Home remodeling project

How We Achieve the Perfect Design for a Home Remodeling Project

At Heitmeyer Building and Design, we pride ourselves in bringing our customers the home renovation of their dreams. However, some people ask, “How do you truly know you are bringing people exactly what they want?”  After all, other companies say the same, but unfortunately, they often don’t deliver. 

For us, it’s a simple answer but one that too many other companies seem to ignore. We ask our customers what they need, and then we truly listen. 

Curious how we put that fundamental vision into action? Here are our typical steps for a home remodeling project.

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multigenerational living

The Importance of Separate Living Spaces for Multi-Generational Homes

Today, more and more people are choosing multi-generational living, which is considered to be a household that has three or more generations living within or on the same property. This concept might sound great at first, why wouldn’t it? You get to spend more time with your family members–celebrating holidays and birthdays without travel plans–but without the right household setup, it can quickly become clear that there can be some drawbacks too. In this article, we’ll cover why it’s so important to have separate living spaces in multi-generational homes.

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Example interior design trend going away in 2023

Interior design trends going away in 2023

The new year is here, and we’re waving goodbye to the ways of old. That includes now outdated interior design trends. It’s time to part ways with open-concept living and stacked floating shelves. 2023 brings in a whole new set of trends.

Today, we’ll share the five interior design trends going away in 2023.

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