Designing and building an in-law suite in Pickerington, Ohio

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Designing and building an in-law suite makes it easier to move extended family into your home while also giving them their independence. You wouldn’t need to have them take the spare bedroom, which might not be ideal for their current or possible future conditions. 

Building an in-law suite comes with its challenges, but with the right planning and budgeting, you can get yours built with little to no issues. 

Continue reading to learn about adding an in-law suite addition to your home in Pickerington Ohio and surrounding areas.

Benefits of an In-law Suite

As mentioned earlier, assisted living is expensive. According to Genworth, the monthly cost of housing aging in-laws in an assisted living facility averages $4,500 per month; that’s around $54,000 a year. 


Those numbers are only going to increase with overall healthcare prices also going up. 

Furthermore, the standard of living in assisted living facilities is often not up to standards. For the most part, aging parents would much rather live with their family.. under one roof or on the same property. 


The prices for building an in-law suite in Pickerington and Canal Winchester Ohio may seem high for now, but over time, it’ll be a better choice for everyone involved in some way. 


For the inhabitants, they’ll have someone nearby to check on them occasionally without feeling like they’re institutionalized. For you, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your aging parents are safe in your home or on your property.

Other benefits of building an in-law suite in Canal Winchester or Pickerington include: 
– Adding value to your home 

– The ability to rent out the space as an Airbnb

– The ability to split living costs with family (including childcare support) 

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Things to consider before building a custom In-law Suite

Despite it being more cost-effective than assisted living, you need to prepare for a rise in your utility bills. Building an in-law suite requires you to connect it to your home’s structure or piping/electricity system.


Additionally, you’d need to check zoning laws for local ordinances that may prevent adding additions to your property. Even if you’re allowed, you’d most likely have to make changes in your home insurance policy.

Costs to Build an In-law Suite in Pickerington, Ohio or Canal Winchester, Ohio

The in-law suite building costs will greatly vary, depending on your needs and goals. Major factors that fluctuate the overall costs include filing paperwork for ordinances, supply and labor to run electricity and plumbing, and the overall design and floorplan choices. 


Upfront costs could easily add up to $125,000


To prevent overspending, ensure that you assess your and your in-laws’ needs. (And make sure you hire a trustworthy home construction company in Pickerington, Ohio!) 

Tips to Keep Costs Manageable

If you follow these suggestions, the overall cost of your in-law suite will be fair.


  • Start planning early: if you have a target date in mind, start the blueprints and ideas several months to a year in advance.
  • Find quality contractors: you’ll need to work with trustworthy contractors who know how to do home improvement. The Heitmeyer team has decades of experience excelling at projects like this. 
  • Have a budget: do you want to have a spending limit? Spend a budget. But make sure you account for the unexpected
  • Get the inhabitant’s input on the design: there may be certain features that grandma wants and needs. That should be included in the plans and budget. Ensure that their wants are reasonable, though.

The Benefits of Multigenerational Home Remodeling in Pickerington Ohio

Designing the suite is the fun part. But for it to be effective, there need to be elements of universal design. Follow these design tips so that your in-laws will live comfortably.

Focus on Spacious Living

The inhabitants of the in-law suite need space to walk around. Even if they move around just fine now, as they age, they’ll need more room to navigate. If they were to ever need a cane, walker, or wheelchair, that extra space will be key.


Design the walking area to be very open. Keep walkways wide, the floors open with fewer walls, and mostly clear hallways.

Doors should be wide enough to accommodate a wheelchair. Showers should be designed without a “step up” so people can walk in and out easily. 


If the suite is connected to the home, ensure the bedroom isn’t connected to a shared wall. That gives the inhabitants a level of privacy. 


If it’s not connected to the home, ensure that the windows don’t expose too much of the suite.

Make That Spaciousness Useful

While you need to focus on space, you need to ensure that space is actually useful. If you have a lot of space without it being useful, it won’t be very helpful. Instead, utilize the open space to their advantage.


For example, if the kitchen area has an open floor plan, include plenty of cabinet and shelf space along the walls. In the living area, keep furniture and appliances near the walls so they don’t interfere with walkways.

Make the Bathroom Slip-resistant

Bathrooms are probably the most unsafe place in a home. Around 60% of injury-related emergencies occur in the bathroom for people aged 65 and up. Avoid this from happening by reducing the chances of slips.


Slip-resistant tiles make it safer to walk when the tiles are wet. It won’t make it completely slip-proof though.


Install grab bars near the toilet, in the shower, and by the tub (or shower door if there isn’t a tub). This helps your in-laws get up or enter/exit with less difficulty.

Make Everything Reachable

Nothing should be placed too high or too low to reach. As in-laws age, it becomes harder for them to extend their arms at max height. 


Cabinets with low handles, light switches placed lower than usual, and door handles instead of knobs make it easier for in-laws to navigate the home independently and without struggle as they age.

Mother-in-law Suite Additions in Pickerington and Canal Winchester Ohio

Our team has decades of experience with custom home design. We can make your mother-in-law’s suite gorgeous, comfortable, and designed with the future in mind. 


Contact us today to talk about your project ideas.

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