How We Achieve the Perfect Design for a Home Remodeling Project

Home remodeling project

At Heitmeyer Building and Design, we pride ourselves in bringing our customers the home remodeling project of their dreams. However, some people ask, “How do you truly know you are bringing people exactly what they want?”  After all, other companies say the same, but unfortunately, they often don’t deliver. 

For us, it’s a simple answer but one that too many other companies seem to ignore. We ask our customers what they need, and then we truly listen. 

Curious how we put that fundamental vision into action? Here are our typical steps for a home remodeling project.

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Step 1: Understanding the Home Remodeling Project Client and Their Needs

We start in the only way that any home renovation provider should start. We ask a ton of questions. After all, you know your house and your needs the best. And dissecting your needs is so valuable because home design is absolutely essential to a good quality of life. So we want every detail to make your life easier. 

This step is typically handled by our designer, Tonya. She has mastered the art of asking the right questions. Even more importantly, she has mastered the art of listening to what you need and then working hard to design the renovation of your dreams. 

For example, let’s say we were doing a kitchen remodel. Tonya would ask about what you store in your cabinets and how you prefer to organize it all. She would want to know what you like to cook, so we know how you most likely use the space. Tonya asks about children and pets so that we make the space work for them. She even finds out if the people who use the kitchen most are right-handed or left-handed. Every nitty-gritty detail will help us plan a kitchen decoration that best suits your needs.

And of course, it’s also about fitting your style. So in this stage, we want to know your ideas and your vision. You can tell us about colors and finishes you prefer. Some people bring us pictures of what they like, which is also helpful. No matter what, we will always listen to what you want and then work our magic to bring it to life.

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Step 2: Selecting Materials for a Home Remodeling Project in Columbus, Ohio

The next phase in a home renovation product is one of our favorites. Our designer, Tonya, helps you select your materials. We love this part because it really shows the Heitmeyer difference. We are your partner every step of the way.

Let’s be honest: choosing the right faucet, as just one example, can be incredibly overwhelming. There are hundreds of different styles to choose from. Many home renovation companies leave customers to sift through all of those options themselves. At Heitmeyer, Tonya’s expertise helps make this a smooth process. Having listened carefully to what you want, Tonya narrows it down to the best 4 or 5 options for you and answers all your questions.

As an added step, Tonya tries to bring the products to life. Instead of having you just look at pictures on the internet, she works to bring customers to a showroom. The beauty of home remodeling in the Pinkerington, Ohio, area is that there are several local showrooms to visit. There, you can get a much better picture of how something looks in your house.

Finally, we work to break the overwhelming process down into several steps. Again, using a kitchen remodel as an example, we might start with just cabinets. Once we are set there, we can move on to countertops. That way, you can give every decision your full attention. 

When you are done selecting your materials, we put everything together into a review pamphlet. Together, we can make sure that the style looks cohesive. And of course, we can ensure that we are staying on budget.

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Step 3: Communicating to the Builders

After you and the Heitmeyer designer have selected all the materials, it is time to bring in new members of the team to finish the home additions.  And the word team is absolutely essential here.  For many companies, the communication between the designer and the experts in the field is sporadic or non-existent. But at Heitmeyer, we recognize that this communication is key to making sure your home remodeling lives up to your vision.

Tonya makes sure that nothing gets lost in translation between designing and building.  She creates a thorough visual deck for the builders. However, she also takes time to walk through the entire home renovation area with the builders, pointing out exactly what the customer wants.

Final Step: We Bring Your Vision to Life

At this point, the Heitmeyer builders take over. But they make sure to treat the project with the same care as Tonya does. Customers consistently praise our builders for little touches like taking off their shoes and making sure that every grain of sawdust is cleaned up.

And of course, customers also praise the builders’ expertise. All the materials you have selected for your home renovation will be installed professionally. The dream vision you selected will become a reality.

Looking to kick off your home remodeling project? Contact us today to start your perfect design. 

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