Our top design trends for 2023

design trends 2023

Happy New Year to all!

With every new year, there are new and exciting designs to consider for a remodel or rebuilt space, for both homes and businesses. Here are some of the trends we saw leading up to 2023.

Practicality Is in - enter mudrooms and pantries

With interest rates rising, more people have decided they’re happier staying where they are and improving the space they have. For this reason, the forecasts are for practical improvements over the usual champions kitchen and bathroom remodels.

We expect to see more interest in creating mudrooms, which is certainly fitting for Ohio, where we get all four seasons and then some. More winter and spring snow, plus more rain in summer signals a need for a space to hang jackets and hats, and place umbrellas in a nice stand. 

These small spaces also create a little boundary to the larger open floor plans featured in many newer homes. A ¾ dividing wall with attractive tile or warm hardwood floors covered with seasonal rugs create a nice little place to brush off the outdoors. Many people are hanging light fixtures here as well. Be open minded –  chandeliers – not necessarily your great-grandma’s – pendants and scone lights add tons of character, as this article on mudroom lighting from Design Inspriation’s Lights On blog illustrates.

Kitchen pantries are another area where we expect to see more interest. Food and gasoline prices will probably stay high, so people want to grab up bargains and specials while reducing trips to grocery stores. Even newer kitchens might not have enough pantry space. Past trends may have overstated the need for cabinet space that can be easily combined and transformed into spacious pantries.

smaller spaces get new life

Smaller spaces are another focus similar to mudrooms. What used to be a nice little reading nook at the end of a hallway or adjacent to a larger room is now a study or office center as more people elect to work from home at least part-time. 

Older homes with space under stairs, for example, can be a perfect retreat for kids who share bedrooms and want some quiet space for exam prep or to focus on other projects. 

Add a small table, lamp, and modest office chair, and a new room is born! If space permits, add a door for extra privacy.

let in more light

If there’s one thing the pandemic taught us is that being inside a lot can affect mood. So new construction projects will likely include more windows to let in more light.

Energy-efficient, double-paned windows are now the norm and for good reasons:

  • They keep outside temperatures outside
  • Treated screens and blinds reduce the effect of the strongest summer heat
  • They greatly reduce noise from outdoors

Moreover, recent legislation extended tax credits for energy-efficient equipment through 2032. This includes ENERGY STAR-rated windows installed by homeowners.

we're starting to trade neutrals for more color

For years, white walls, white cabinets, white tiles–white and beige everything have been all the rage. We love neutrals for their long-lasting appeal and overall clean feeling, but we’re also excited to invite more color into our lives for 2023!

The Sherwin-Williams and Benjamin Moore colors of the year for 2023 offer earthy tones on the warmer side of the color wheel. Bringing in bold paint colors like Redent Point and Raspberry Blush, the stage has been set for a more expressive decor.

We're seeing less minimalism and more personality in homes

At Heitmeyer Building and Design, our designer Tonya works with each client to not only find the exact “mood” they’re looking for, but to ensure that each space is personalized for their lifestyle and needs.

In 2023, we see trends shifting from one-size-fits-all minimalism to more of a custom home approach. Ready to find out what works for you? Let’s do it.

We're starting to design wellness into homes

Blame it on the pandemic and how we’re all home more often now, but more and more homeowners are trading in the home gym for a focus on overall wellness

What does this look like when it comes to home design? For starters, some of our clients have opted for indoor-outdoor areas, where entire indoor rooms of the house can be opened to the outdoors. 

And they’re opting more and more for natural light, better air purification systems, better water filtration systems. 

Even embracing family togetherness with multi-generational living is a way our clients have started to seek greater wellness in 2023. We’ve built home additions and in-law suites to accommodate extended family living under one roof, which is shown to have many benefits.

Read: Multigenerational Housing Rose During the Pandemic. Here’s Why.

inflation affects everything

Inflation, plus ongoing shortages in certain materials, affects everyone’s pockets. This no doubt drives scaled-down plans and more interest in making the most out of current space.

At Heitmeyer, we know how to redesign tight spaces at home and in offices and shops into useful places. Contact us today and let’s get started on making something together!

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