Interior design trends going away in 2023

Example interior design trend going away in 2023

The new year is here, and we’re waving goodbye to the ways of old. That includes now outdated interior design trends. It’s time to part ways with open-concept living and stacked floating shelves. 2023 brings in a whole new set of trends.

Today, we’ll share the five interior design trends going away in 2023.

Open Concept Living Space

Starting in the 1970s, many people opted to have a wide-open space–and many still prefer this. But with more people open to working from home, remote work has become a reality for a lot of. homeowners. And some have even permanently made that transition. As a result, the number of people working from home has nearly tripled in the last few years

With more people working remotely, that means more people want a private space to study. That also means open-concept designs are fading away as a result or being reimagined.

However, that doesn’t mean that open space is entirely going away. Living spaces, large and small, all need some kind of accessible space. And it doesn’t even have to mean in terms of square footage. 

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Give yourself –or your workspace– some privacy by sectioning off the work area from the rest of the living space. And dedicate the remaining open space for something like a living, dining, or entertainment area.

Monochromatic Color Schemes

Lots of homes have used neutral colors in common areas for years; colors like white, gray, or grayish brown. These colors helped to make spaces feel more open. But it also can make some spaces, like a kitchen, feel like lazy designing.


In 2023, we are slowly straying away from these colors. Instead, we’re transitioning into using more soft or warm colors. This year will be the year we see more bright or dark colors utilized to give an earthy-friendly feel to the home.


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When you transition to these colors, don’t forget the ceilings. Most people leave the ceiling white. Sure, it’s a safe color to use, but it tends to look lazy in terms of design. Use a color that pairs well with the wall colors. 


If the walls have stripes, use brighter colors to help make the space feel taller. If you want the space to feel more snug and cozy, use darker colors on the ceiling instead.

Design Without the Location in Mind

Open space interior design trend going away in 2023

Someone lives in the city but their home feels like a log cabin in the woods. Or they live in a rural area but their space feels like an upscale big-city apartment. Or they have a coastal design, yet the space isn’t located anywhere near a body of water.


You get the idea.


Designs that don’t match or are opposite of the home’s location are definitely interior design trends going away in 2023. This year, the design will at least somewhat match the outside environment. That warm, cozy cabin feel will look great for homes located closer to nature. 


That professional, organized, structured, simple look will be great for living spaces closer to the city. 


We’re staying away from designs that are from a completely different region and sticking with designs that complement where we’re already located.


Some homes have kept the designs super simple. The paint color scheme, the furniture, and the architecture are all kept minimal so that you can draw attention to something or someone else in the space. The environment is overall pretty basic.


2023 will be waving goodbye to minimalism and hello to more personality and textured designs. While we’ll still see practical spaces used, we’ll see more mood-setting colors and letting in more light.


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This year, interior design will shift more towards more holistic designs: designs that impact how it makes the home feel. Texture, simple yet colorful wallpaper, and less neutral paint colors are all new interior design trends in 2023. The desire for many homeowners is to create more energy in their spaces.

Herringbone Tile

Before we talk about this trend, let’s establish one thing: herringbone in general will not go out of style anytime soon. But the reason we’re mentioning it is because of how it’s been used.


On the floor, the herringbone looks great. It looks a little outdated when it’s used on walls, however. You can still keep herringbone tiles on the floor, but the interior design trend for 2023 sees more walls using zellige tiles. 


Zellige tiles, or other handcrafted tiles, give an organic modern look to kitchens and bathrooms.

Ready to Modernize Your Space?

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