A Closer Look at Pickerington Eye Care

Pickerington Eye Care

First impressions are especially important for any of our commercial business buildings. The exterior of the building needs to be just as inviting as the interior. We set out to enhance the overall quality of the Pickerington Eye Care building, and in this article we will highlight everything we did to improve their space (inside and out).

Renovating in Steps

Many businesses don’t have the luxury of closing down for renovations, in order for their business to stay in business they need to remain open! So we took this renovation in steps.

First, we remodeled this client’s former office during evening hours. This took approximately 2–3 weeks, but it allowed their business to continue to serve their own clients and generate revenue.

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Pickerington Eye Care Interior

A Repeat Customer in Pickerington

Later, when the company grew of the space we had renovated, they reached back out to us and asked Heitmeyer to build a whole new building from an architect’s plan. Their goals were:

  1. To create a larger, more modern space that would accommodate their growing clientele.
  2. Develop a project that fit within their budget.
  3. Convey the personality of the doctor and staff within the space. 

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Pickerington Eye Care
Pickerington Eye Care
Pickerington Eye Care
Pickerington Eye Care

Getting to Work

After thoroughly reviewing and discussing the architect’s plans with the client and architect, our team developed a project plan that fit within their budget.

Next, our services as a general contractor were able to get their building built in a timely manner. Our interior design service department assisted with overall signage and interior decor of the reception and patient areas, keeping in mind the personality that the client wished to show in their space.

In the end, the space at their Pickerington location felt inviting and clean, with lots of light and personalized touches. This project was completed within the client’s timeline, with similar projects being quoted from 6 to 9 months. That being said, please note that the same project starting with our 1st appointment, planning meetings, architect’s plans, engineering, permitting, and material lead times can be closer to 15–18 months.

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Custom Business Designs In Columbus, Ohio

Pickerington Eye Care

When it comes to home planning, nothing but the best will do. Whether you’re downsizing, upsizing, designing with a specific aesthetic in mind, Heitmeyer Building and Design will work with you every step of the way to build a custom design that feels great for your business.

Heitmeyer Building & Design brings over 100 years of experience in home building, design, and renovation. We make sure we meet your  unique living and business needs so you end up with the most beautiful, comfortable, and fitting space. 

Email us at info@heitmeyerbuild.com to get your business project started today. 

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