This Mother-In-Law Suite in Pickerington, Ohio Keeps a Family Together

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When the Heitmeyer Team was hired to design and build a mother-in-law suite for this family in Pickerington, Ohio, the family told us they needed a space where the family could enjoy privacy … while also being able to have dinners together and gather under one roof.

They wanted an accessible, universally-designed, self-sustaining apartment where Tracy’s mother could age in place, which includes a floor plan and overall design that’s built to be comfortable for her as she ages. 

Here’s an interview we had with this family who owns this beautiful in-law suite in Pickerington, Ohio – and some features that make this mother-in-law suite truly impressive. 

Q: What's the best part about living under the same roof?

Tracy says, “We like being able to close the door and each have our own privacy but then, you know, have dinner together.” 

It’s this sense of closeness that really attracted Tracy’s mother, Pat, to the idea. 

“That’s why I came here,” says Pat, “everything is just so convenient and close by. I just love it.” 

Q: What were the most important features you needed in a mother-in-law suite?

“The features I needed most in a mother-in-law suite were that I wanted to be self-sufficient. I just wanted to have my space. I’m not old enough to give that up yet.” 

This includes a full kitchenette, an outdoor space, plenty of storage, and a private entry just for her. 

“I wanted enough space so that I didn’t feel confined. And my living room is big enough for me and my friends. I have a beautiful backyard where I can go sit when I want to. And I have a nice front porch too, and I sit out there all the time.” 

Q: What turned out to be your favorite features?

“One of the neatest features about this house that no one really realizes when they pull up … is this used to be a completely different house. We bought a raccoon-infested, trash-filled property at auction and now it’s a beautiful home.” 

Pat loves that Heitmeyer Building & Design made sure the space was accessible and easy to use as she got older. 

“The doors are wider – they’re all wheelchair accessible,” She says, “and they even put the microwave lower for me because I’m short.” 

The bathroom is also designed to accommodate every ability: “My shower has no lip on the bottom so I can easily get in and out. My vanity is a little bit lower because if you’re in a wheelchair you need to have it a little lower.”

Q: What advice do you have for other families looking for a good renovation company?

“My advice for someone looking for a good renovation company in Pickerington, Ohio would be to find someone who you’re comfortable talking to, who listens, and who is going to take your suggestions and concerns seriously.” 

For example, Pat really wanted a skylight in her in-law suite. “Jason at Heitmeyer Building & Design listened to what I had to say and went ahead and put the skylight in, and I love it.” 

Looking to Add a Mother-In-Law Suite to Your Home Near Pickerington, Ohio?

Whether you’re in Canal Winchester, Lancaster, Columbus, or beyond, the team at Heitmeyer Building and Design is ready to listen to your needs and build the in-law suite that’s perfect for your and your family. 


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