The most popular home remodeling projects and their costs

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Now and then, it’s a great idea to survey your house. If you’ve been living there for a while (or even if you moved into an older home), you may notice some parts of the home could use a little home remodeling love to freshen it up.  

Making home improvements not only makes you feel AMAZING living in your home, but also significantly boosts your home’s property value. It’s a win-win. No wonder why there are so many popular home improvement projects.

Today, we’re sharing with you the most popular home remodeling projects to upgrade your home… and what you may expect to spend on each. 

Kitchen Remodels in Pickerington, Ohio

Let’s start with the most common home renovation: the room where meals are made and tummies are happily filled. Modernizing the kitchen will motivate you to want to cook more, have guests over more frequently, and impress potential home buyers.


Minor remodels would include replacing the cabinets or upgrading appliances. Examples of small kitchen projects include replacing appliances with more energy-efficient ones, installing new cabinets, and other cosmetic changes.


Major kitchen remodeling projects include adding or replacing the flooring, removing cabinets and replacing them with new ones, changing countertops, and installing new fixtures like a sink. These projects involve taking something apart or adjusting piping or wiring.

If you ask us, we’ll tell you that if you want to remodel your kitchen, you probably want it done right — with the right materials, the right contractors, and attention to detail. Kitchen updates in Pickerington Ohio begin around $40k… but for a full remodel, you can expect to pay $60k and up. 

Bathroom Remodels in Pickerington, Ohio

The next most common room remodel is the place you handle your business: the bathroom. According to RubyHome, of all the home improvement projects that happened in households in 2021, 27% of them were bathroom remodels. 


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Bathroom remodeling takes a lot of planning and consideration, depending on what changes are made. 


Light remodels generally consist of replacing or touching up cabinets, the sink, the shower, or even the toilet. More detailed –and expensive– remodels could include expansions, additions, or complete rebuilds. At Heitmeyer Building and Design, we can also add a breathtaking, walk-in “party shower“, and adjust the entire bathroom for easier accessibility, which can serve your family in the years ahead as you age.


For a simple touch-up of the bathroom, expect to pay a small few thousand dollars. The quality of the material you buy will greatly impact the overall price. 


In general, expect to pay between $35k – 60k for a bathroom remodel. The price of large-scale remodels will vary with the quality, attention to detail, and overall room change you’re going for.  


As expensive as this level of remodeling is, you shouldn’t settle for the cheapest bid. Pick a quality contractor with a strong portfolio, surveys your space, strongly communicates, and has your vision and family needs in mind. 


Our team does just that with every and any home project you have in mind.

The Cost of Home Additions

Sometimes you need more space in your home, and you don’t want it to look “tacked on”. This is where a talented team of home builders comes into play. The good news: home additions can significantly add value to the resell of your home. 

For a living-room or living-space add-on, expect to pay around $100-120k, depending on the size and details of your unique needs. Sunroom home additions are also a very popular choice — and can greatly improve the living experience of your home — and for these you can also expect to pay in the ballpark of $100-120k. 

Patios, Decks, and Hardscaping in Pickerington, Ohio

A gracious outdoor space outside like a deck, patio, or porch is a very attractive feature for homebuyers. It’s also a great place to relax, grill out, watch the kids play, and enjoy the outdoors here in beautiful Pickerington, Ohio.

Remodeling your patio deck could look as small as laying some concrete and sod, and adding some plants for visual appeal. It could also be as exciting and large as adding a firepit, a place to grill, or building a new deck from scratch.

Expect to pay up to $10,000 for smaller patio projects, and well over $15,000 for a full hardscaping and patio renovation. 


Room Additions and In-Law Suites in Pickerington, Ohio

Perhaps you have some empty space in your home that you’d like to make use of. Or you have more family members moving in and you find yourself needing more space to accommodate them. 

You have plenty of options for rooms to choose from: an extra bedroom, an extended bathroom, dining room section from your living room, a porch if you have a patio or even a sunroom like one we’ve recently built.

In-Law suites are another great way to add home value and they make multi-generational living not only possible, but enjoyable, because everyone gets their own space and privacy. 

If you’re wondering about the cost of adding an in-law suite (or a home addition to accommodate multi-generational living), we encourage you to reach out to us for a custom quote. Each family has different living needs, and each project is vastly different from the last (which is why we love it!) so instead of throwing out a potentially-wrong number on this blog, we’d rather get a sense of your needs and quote the project from there.

Plan and Budget Wisely!

Improving the look and feel of your home can turn into a pricey project. Survey your home thoroughly to see what parts of your home need or could use a nice upgrade. Working on any of these popular home remodeling projects will make your home’s value go up and give you additional comfort.

Need a home refreshment or a complete overhaul? Reach out to Heitmeyer Building and Design in Pickerington, Ohio (near Columbus) today. We are excited to help you and your family achieve your ultimate dream home. 

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