How to Find the Best Home Accessibility Remodeler in Central Ohio

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If you have a physical disability, you know all too well how difficult it can be to navigate the outside world. Your home, on the other hand, should be a place free from struggle.  

Far too many disabled folks find it hard to get in and out of their own home. To us, this is not acceptable. Everyone deserves to roam freely and with ease — especially in their own home. 

That’s why we’re here to make it as easy as possible for you to find the best accessible home contractors. Because we believe that everyone should have a beautiful home (that doesn’t feel institutional or medical or cold) and that expresses YOUR unique taste and style. 

Remodeling Your Home for Accessibility is Personal.

Does anything get more personal than your home? 

Your design and build team must take into account your current and future needs. They should walk through your home with you — and learn exactly how you use each space, where you experience friction in your daily life, your unique situation (maybe you have kids! Maybe you have pets! The design must include them too!) 

No matter what your abilities, we are here to tailor each home renovation to your lifestyle and needs. This way, your home will grow with you and your family, and you will be able to live comfortably there for many years to come. 

Bottom line: when you reach out to a custom home builder in Columbus Ohio, ask them how they take the time to understand how you use the space, what your needs are, and how they design around those needs. 

Interview Each Accessibility Home Builder in Columbus, Ohio

As you search for good contractors, you’ve probably developed a decently-sized list of some that seem like a good fit. Now is your time to essentially interview your prospects.


You can have this interview over the phone or in person, but it’d be better to chat in person. Doing so lets you see if they’re a credible contractor (more on that later). Additionally, it’ll help you better see if there are any red –or green– flags to look for.


Somewhere in the interviewing process, costs will come up. Remember this: do NOT pick the cheapest bid solely because it’s the cheapest option. You don’t want to risk low-quality results that will cost you a lot in the long run. 


Make sure that the bid fits your budget and still meets or exceeds your renovation plans. If everything looks good from the selection so far, you’ll do this step next…

Make Sure the Accessibility Home Builder Does Great Work

Definitely check out the home builder’s work on their website and social media channels. (Check out our instagram and facebook here!) From here, you can get a good sense of the quality of their work. 

Check their google reviews for happy customers … do your homework on how many projects they’ve gotten that ends up with a beautiful portfolio of work with happy customers. 

Something to keep in mind: you’re not just installing handrails in the shower. You’re not just building an accessibility ramp to the front door. You’re creating a home environment that feels right to you and allows you to live with ease. Make sure the contractor does high quality work. 

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Look for Strong Verbal and Written Communication

One huge green or red flag to look for is the contractor’s strong or weak communication. When working with a home accessibility contractor, you should feel free to ask questions whenever you want about anything you want regarding the project. 

A good sign is when the contractor lays out their entire plan to you verbally and in writing. There should be no detail hidden from you. In fact, after looking at your blueprints, it’d be a plus if they shared their input.

If some material costs more than expected, they should communicate that. If something went wrong during the renovation, they should be honest about it. And if they’re legit, you shouldn’t feel worried since they’d have valid insurance.

In some cases, the contractor could try to save you a few dollars somewhere during the project. 

Let’s say that your choosing materials for your disability remodeling project. You may not fully understand which projects are low-end vs high-end. A good contractor would explain the difference and possibly save you from spending more on parts of a renovation than you thought.

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Have Flexibility With Deadlines

Whether or not you’ve found your ideal contractor, try not to have a firm deadline for the project’s completion. 


For starters, a sign of a bad contractor is when they try to rush you to agree to the task. Just because they say yes doesn’t mean they’ll get it done on your schedule. A sign of a good contractor is when they communicate wherever there might be some difficulty getting certain parts of a renovation done on time. 


Be mindful of the time of year that you’re scouting contractors. The demand for contractors will be higher in the warmer months as many people like to begin their home renovation projects around that time. 


Consider a fall or winter start time. Not as many people will be starting home renovation projects, which means you’ll likely save some money, too.


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Trustworthy Disability Home Renovation is Just One Call Away

If you’re in Central Ohio and are ready to spruce up your home for disability accommodation, the Heitmeyer team is ready to help. 

You can rest assured you’re getting the best work. Just ask our past clients and check our results. We put quality in our work and we’re one call away from showing you how well we work!

Click here to reach out to us today.

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