What Adds the Most Value to a Kitchen Remodel?

April 27, 2023

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As we’ve said before, there are many reasons you might want to do a kitchen remodel. Perhaps you need more space as your family grows. Perhaps you need different functionality as your family’s cooking/baking skills have changed. Perhaps you need a new look as styles have shifted.

No matter the reason, though, everyone has one goal in common: to increase the value of your kitchen. True, increasing your home’s resale might not be your main objective. You may not think you will ever sell. But still, let’s be honest: no one hopes to spend money on a kitchen remodel and find that it barely impacts the home’s worth.

However, reflecting on this objective raises some important questions. What gives the most bang for your buck? What are the top kitchen upgrades, the ones that most add value to your kitchen? Can I make meaningful changes to my kitchen and still keep costs down? 

We are here to answer these questions for you. That way, you are prepared as you sit down to make your plan based on your space and your budget.

So whether you’re just touching up a few things or doing a complete renovation, these are the top 6 renovations that add value to your kitchen.

Update Your Kitchen Counters For Your Kitchen Remodel

In most kitchens, the countertops and backsplashes are what most draws the eye. After all, they are usually right at eye level. Plus, they often take up the most space in the kitchen. So if yours are chipped, stained, or just out of style, it would be wise to make an upgrade. Similarly, if your current countertops don’t carry much heat or stain resistance, they are unlikely to appeal to many people.

The best choice for your counter remodel is a light or neutral color. First, this color scheme fits in with virtually all kitchen aesthetics. Second, a lighter color will open up the room more. Darker shades generally make a space seem closed in and even gloomy, which is definitely not the vibe you want to give off.

Also, consider quartz or quartzite countertops. These surfaces give off a sense of pure elegance. However, they are less expensive than other materials. Plus, quartz and quartzite are extremely durable, which is a huge selling point.

Upgrade Your Cabinets

Cabinets are another focal point of the kitchen, given that they too are right at eye level and consume a lot of space. So again, a change here can completely transform your kitchen.

The best news is that changing up the cabinets can add value to your kitchen without overly pushing your budget.  You can do new cabinet installs, but you usually don’t need to. In most cases, you can reface and refinish your cabinets instead, and they will look as good as new.  This option usually only costs $500-$1,000, but it will increase the value of your kitchen by much more than that.

Replace Your Kitchen Sink

In the last two sections, we have discussed two focal points of the kitchen. Now we turn to an area that often isn’t thought of in the same way—but maybe it should be.

In many ways, the sink can set the tone for the rest of your space. Certainly, you can have the traditional steel basin. It gets the job done. But for a relatively inexpensive alternative, you can make the sink a centerpiece instead of just an accessory. This seemingly small step can make a big impact. It gives off the impression that even the smallest detail in your home is elegant. This in turn leads people to be willing to see your whole home as worth more.

New Kitchen Appliances For Your Kitchen Remodel

Back to a more traditional answer for top kitchen upgrades—and for good reason. Modern amenities immediately increase the value of your kitchen. They, of course, serve a valuable purpose in any kitchen, and a newer appliance is less likely to need replacement right away. A little higher cost for purchasing the home would be seen as a bargain compared to having to replace appliances immediately.

However, appliances also are great for the aesthetics of your kitchen, tying your color scheme together. Stainless steel is generally considered the most luxurious, but black is also a great choice. The biggest consideration is that the appliances match. A stainless steel refrigerator with a white oven likely will do nothing to increase the value of your kitchen, even if they both are brand new.

Buying new appliances certainly isn’t cheap, so depending on the condition of your current selection, this step may not be the right one for you to have a good ROI. However, as HGTV points out, you can often get new appliances at great price points at the end of the year. In that case, you can add more value to your kitchen than you will need to spend.

Change Out Your Light Fixtures

Adding the right type of light fixture is another subtle change that can make a huge difference. The right light fixture can set the mood for your entire kitchen, from minimalist to chic to avant garde. A new fixture can also give off more light, which opens up the space and gives off a cheerier mood. 

No matter what, if your fixtures are outdated, you want to replace them. That gives a more modern appeal. Just as importantly, it will save energy costs, which will either be a great savings to you or a great selling point to a potential homebuyer.

Besides, changing out your light fixtures is very likely to increase the value of your kitchen by much more than what you would pay. The estimated cost to replace fixtures is only $75-$250.

Add a Kitchen Island

Admittedly, this tip may not be right for every space or for every budget. But it is one of the top kitchen upgrades to add value to your kitchen, so it is an important one to include on our list. After all, many homebuyers consider a kitchen island a non-negotiable on their wish list. An island greatly increases the utility of the kitchen, especially if you have limited counter space.

If a traditional island doesn’t work within your kitchen or your budget, consider a few alternatives. You could install a hardworking island. This way, you get the extra countertop space, but you get benches on the other side, which serves as seating at your dining table. You could also opt for a mobile workstation, which is like an island on wheels. Finally, you could build a breakfast bar that is attached to a wall. That way, you get some extra countertop space without having to sacrifice a lot of square footage.

What Are the Top Upgrades to Prioritize in a Kitchen Remodel

As we have stressed throughout, the best choices for you depend on your space and on your budget. If that feels overwhelming, don’t worry. The expert designers at Heitmeyer can look at your space and help you make the decisions that will work best for you.  Contact us today for a free, no-obligation consultation!

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