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December 8, 2022

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Jefferson Country Club near Columbus, Ohio is a special place for many people – it’s where people enjoy family time, relax, blow off steam on the golf course or aquatic center, get married, and make many more memories.

So it makes sense that this country club needed to hire the best renovation company near Columbus to help them offer an amazing, comfortable, premier experience for their members. 

Check out the images below to see how Heitmeyer Building & Design helped Jefferson Country Club greatly improve their experience for members – and remember – if you’re looking for a fantastic home renovation company or commercial renovation company near Columbus, Ohio, reach out to Heitmeyer Building and Design to discover how we can help. 

Making a Great First Impression with Custom Renovations

When you’re trying to make your members and clients feel at home, what’s more important than the first impression? 

We made sure the entryway was classic, stately, and instantly made people feel at home. 

home renovations columbus ohio

Renovating The Dining Room for a Luxury Dining Experience

Members of Jefferson Country Club enjoy the dining experience offered, which spans from a mixed grille bar, to family-style meals, to fine dining. Members love dining in the dining room, with its warm and inviting atmosphere, designed and renovated by Heitmeyer Building and Design. 

And of course, on its rolling green lawns and fantastic outdoor areas, Jefferson Country Club prides itself on being a wonderful place to host your next event. 

That’s why it was essential for them to offer luxurious, spacious lounge areas, to make the club as comfortable as possible for making memories with family and friends. 

commercial renovations columbus ohio

What we prioritized during this renovation as one of the premier remodeling companies in Columbus Ohio

dining area home renovation

We’ve been one of the premier renovation companies in Columbus Ohio since the 1980s, which means we have perfected our process in offering our clients the perfect end result. 

Here’s what we focused on the most when it came to making Jefferson Country Club as beautiful as possible: 

  • Quality materials and attention to detail. 

We figured, members will be able to tell a difference between quality materials and cutting corners. The secret to lasting construction is to built it right the first time. Sometimes this means purchasing floors that will stand up to high levels of foot traffic so they don’t show wear and tear. It means choosing the best fixtures, paints, plumbing, and more. 

  • Understanding the client’s needs 

The only way to provide the client what they need out of a custom renovation is to understand their needs, how they intend to use the space, and to help them nail down the aesthetic they’re looking for. 

Our designer, Tonya, spends plenty of time with each client to understand their needs and preferences… so they end up with the perfect space every time. 

Need a Remodeling Company for your Home or Business in Columbus, Ohio?

If you have a home or business that needs custom renovations, reach out to Heitmeyer Building and Design to get a personalized quote for your kitchen, home addition, custom-built home, business, and more. 

Heitmeyer Building & Design is a Construction company with over 100 years of experience in commercial construction and residential construction located in Pickerington, Ohio. 

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