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Adding a new addition to your home is an exciting project. One that takes a lot of careful planning and detailing. 

You need to think of what the addition will be, what will be added in that addition, its floor plan, and much more. It all depends on what you want to make out of that home addition. 

Before beginning the project, you’ll need to find yourself a good, experienced home addition builder. They will work with you to ensure your plan is feasible, executed right, and with minimal hiccups along the way. 

Read these tips to ensure you’re working with the best home remodeling contractor for your project.

Before Calling Around, Assess if The Project Fits Your Budget.

Building an addition to your home requires the ability to put down some cash. According to Bobvila, the national average cost of home additions is around $46,498. Quite often, these projects involve expanding the space available in the house.

Examples include adding a garage, building a room above a garage that’s already there, building a second story, or adding another room. The size and type of project you’re thinking of will greatly impact the costs. 

Before seeking a contractor, determine whether this project is right for your wallet. Do you have an extra room that’s not being used? Is the basement finished? Can you do something with the attic, if you have one?

You may not need a home addition at all; simply optimize the space you already have. If you’re certain that a home addition project is needed, then do your due research to find a reliable contractor. 

Look for Recommendations

One way to know that you’re working with a reliable contractor is their numerous positive reviews.

When talking about experience, inquire about how long the contractor took, how helpful they were in the planning, and how communicative they were throughout the entire project.

You can also look online for reviews. If you have trouble finding a contractor’s contact information, website, and/or social media, you might not want to consider them. A good contractor should be pretty easy to get in contact with. 

Interview Each Bid Thoroughly

As you gather your list of possible custom home building and home addition companies in Columbus Ohio, you need to look into their work. Ask for a portfolio of their work. That portfolio should have multiple projects that they’ve finished over the last year or two. 

Their portfolio could be physical or on a website. Both are fine, but just make sure there are plenty of pictures of the blueprints, project sketches, and the actual work from start to finish. 

Consider asking about their previous project timelines.

Were there delays in any of their previous projects? If so, what caused them? Did any projects get completed ahead of schedule? How did the previous clients feel about the finished work?

Additionally, they should provide an estimated timeline of completion for your home addition project. That includes when certain payments and deposits need to be made. Do not skip this step.

If everything checks out fine, then you’re off to a good start.

Talk to Them About Your Project

This is key not just for timeline purposes, but also so that you know whether it’s feasible. 

The contractor should offer their input on your project vision. If you have your project sketch in mind, they should offer suggestions as to what can, should, shouldn’t, and can’t be done for practical and safety reasons. 

The more open the contractor is with you, about themselves, and with your project idea, the more trustworthy they are likely to be.

Ask for Credentials

As you narrow down your list of potential home addition companies in Pickerington Ohio, ask them for their licenses and certifications. Every state has specific requirements when it comes to this, so make sure you know this before asking for these.

Ensure that your contractor’s license, liability insurance, and certifications are all up to date. If all the documentation is current and aligns with your state’s requirements, you’re making great progress. 

Do a Background Check

Each home building company in Columbus should have a reference list with multiple previous clients. Each previous project the contractor has done will include the client’s contact information (name, phone number, address, and more). 

Reach out to those clients to get their input on your potential contractor. If possible, visit the addresses. That way you can see the contractor’s work in person instead of only relying on portfolio pictures. 

Final Considerations Before Making Your Choice

If the companies you’re talking to are checking off all the boxes, great! But before signing anything, get a breakdown of the bids.

The cheapest bid will not always be the best. The bids factor in not just the materials, sub-contractors’ experience, and reputation, but the quality of all those factors. Don’t settle for cheap work or materials.

Turn Your Home Addition Dream Into a Reality

If you want a trustworthy team of custom home builders and home addition builders in Pickerington, Ohio to work on your project, the Heitmeyer team is ready to impress. We have years of positive customer feedback. Contact us today to be our next highly satisfied customer.

Heitmeyer Building & Design is a Construction company with over 100 years of experience in commercial construction and residential construction located in Pickerington, Ohio. 

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