How long will my kitchen remodel take in pickerington ohio?

kitchen remodel pickerington ohio

One of the most time-consuming upgrades to the home is the kitchen. If you search how long it takes, you’ll find numerous different answers. 

Our home remodeling experts in Pickerington, Ohio will take varying lengths of time, depending on multiple factors. As confusing as this may be, we’re here to help make it easier for you to understand. 

Continue reading to better understand how long your kitchen remodel will take. 

Estimated Timeline for Kitchen Remodeling

There’s no simple answer to how long the remodeling will take. HGTV shares that a renovation could take as little as a few weeks to up to five months to complete. 

kitchen remodel pickerington Ohio

Why Would a Kitchen Remodel Take So Long?

No two kitchen remodel projects are the same. Each project must factor in a list of considerations to be properly executed. Below are some of the main things that impact the duration of the project.

Overall Scope of the Project

Is this remodeling meant to touch up some areas in the kitchen or is it a complete revamp? 

If it’s the former, that means you’d be keeping the layout the same; you’d just be upgrading the finishes. A kitchen remodel that involves updating your sinks, countertops, cabinets, and appliances will take between six to twelve weeks to complete.

A complete revamp will take significantly longer. Changing the layout of the kitchen means you would be rearranging where the sink, fridge, stove, or other appliances are placed. But to move those items, you’ll need to have the water and gas lines reinstalled to the new location of your appliances. 

The removal and replacement of the pipe and gas line system will add several weeks to the project timeline. 

It will help to save time if you determine which parts of the kitchen will remain in their current location.

Kitchen Size

The smaller the kitchen size, the less time it will take for a remodeling project to complete. 

Small kitchens don’t have many items to move around. More than likely, most things like the stove and sink will remain in the same location. Not only does that fact save time, but also the fact there is less space to work with. You can expect just a few weeks to complete a small kitchen renovation. 

Large kitchens where you can cook, store, and eat food all in one area will take much longer. Contractors will need to uninstall pipe systems and possibly the island (if applicable) and replace them to complete the project. Kitchens of this size can take three to five months.

More Moving Parts

There are more parts involved in a kitchen than there are in a bedroom, for example. A bedroom only has a few walls with insulation and electrical wiring; there isn’t much to reinstall. 

A kitchen has water pipes, air vents, gas pipes, and much more electrical wiring. To remodel a kitchen means that all of those components need to be adjusted or replaced. Those components need to be rearranged with greater detail than in other rooms in the house.

Subcontractor Availability

Depending on the scope of the project, you might not yet have the right subcontractors available. You shouldn’t settle for the first available, either. 

If quality subcontractors aren’t fully available yet, wait until they are. It may delay the completion of the remodeling, but you can ensure a job well done.

Supply of Materials

When remodeling, you choose what new materials you want to use. Whether it be cabinets, counters, or your appliances. 

Some materials may not be ready to get right off the shelf. This means you have to wait until the material you want is in stock. 

The Kitchen Remodeling Process

The kitchen remodeling process goes through a specific order. Some steps take a few weeks to complete while others may take a day or two.

Budgeting and Planning

Before starting the project, you need to plan it out. 

Start with your budget. How much are you willing to spend, and on what? What changes do you need vs want to make? What materials would you like to use?

All that information is necessary to figure out, especially when hiring a contractor and discussing your plans with them. 

The Heitmeyer team is ready to listen to your ideas and vision while offering our suggestions based on our high-quality remodeling experience

Step 1: Demolition

The contractor will spend a few days removing the existing kitchen fixtures, appliances, and cabinets/counters. 

Step 2: Plumbing and Structural Changes

Once demolition is complete, the contractor will replace the pipe systems, install new walls, rearrange the electrical wiring, and more. This step takes two to six weeks, depending on how drastic the changes are.

Step 3: Painting and Flooring

After the structure is complete, the area is painted and the new flooring is installed. This is the last of the major changes that will occur in the project. It’ll take a little under two weeks to complete.

Step 4: Installing Cabinets and Countertops

The next step is to take measurements of the kitchen. This is to get the accurate cuts of the cabinets and counters. While this would take a few days, it could take a few weeks because the countertops have to be specifically cut so that appliances can properly fit.

Step 5: Installing Fixtures and Appliances

Last up is the hardware and fixtures. The timing here depends on if you’re reusing current appliances or upgrading to new ones. But generally, this step takes under a week. 

After it’s all completed, the contractor spends a day or two cleaning up the area so it’s ready for food prep. 

Upgrade Your Kitchen in Pickerington, Ohio

If you’re tired of the way your kitchen looks and want an upgrade, reach out to Heitmeyer Building and Design. We’ll ensure your home remodeling project ideas are heard so that you can have your dream kitchen in a matter of weeks. 

Heitmeyer Building & Design is a Construction company with over 100 years of experience in commercial construction and residential construction located in Pickerington, Ohio. 

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