10 Game-Changing Kitchen Remodel Ideas

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So you finally bit the bullet and decided to remodel an outdated kitchen. Congratulations! While the process may be tiring – all those decisions to be made, and clearing out the existing kitchen – it will be well worth it once your beautiful new kitchen is ready to roll.

We don’t want to add anything more to overwhelm you, but we have come across a couple of handfuls’ worth of ideas over the years that really add unexpected value. A few of them together can be real game-changers when it comes to organization, comfort, and making the most out of space that would otherwise be unused. Take a look at our favorites.


1. Put Lazy Susans in lower cabinets.

Lower cabinets become a kind of graveyard for kitchen tools, dishes, platters, and other items that aren’t frequently used but still useful. When they’re needed, it usually means crouching down and to rummage around a dark cabinet. 

Enter the Lazy Susan – those wooden turntables people use to (literally) circulate food to others at a round table. Put them in lower cabinets where a turn quickly helps you find what you need. You can even get two-level Lazy Susans that can be adjusted to fit into cabinets.

2. Add pull-out shelves to cabinets.

It’s amazing what can get lost in the back of a cabinet, even if you don’t have to stoop or stretch to see inside. Pull-out shelves let you quickly assess what you have to make for dinner, and what you’d better add to the grocery list.

3. Use corner spaces.

“That’s me in the corner,” REM sang long ago. Get a sturdy, attractive corner shelf to put this space to use. These corner shelves are made from brass and thick safety glass, assembled in the USA.

4. Small spaces are excellent spaces to store spices.

Serious cooks can’t have too many spices on hand. The kitchen in this 1960s townhouse kitchen had a “Harry Potter” utility closet built underneath the stairs. A clever designer used the top area to build a spice closet – using leftover flooring for the backing.

5. Get soft-close drawers.

Soft-close drawers close slowly to reduce noise and prevent slamming accidents. If you’re handy, it’s relatively easy to upgrade current drawers to become soft-close ones.

6. Use quality underlay to floors where you cook and wash up.

If you’re installing new floors, get the highest-quality padding to go underneath the stove and sink areas. Here’s a review of underlay options from The Spruce.

7. Adjustable under-the-counter lighting creates a warm look.

The kitchen is never really closed, is it? Under-the-counter lighting keeps the space looking warm and inviting throughout the late afternoon and night. Adjustable lights are perfect for whipping up something simple for a late night/early morning snack.

8. Use under-the-counter space for hooks, mug holders, or paper towel holders.

Under-the-counter areas are another place that often get overlooked – even when lit. Decorative hooks, mug holders, or paper towel holders designed to be installed under counters make the most of this space.

9. Add crown molding to spruce up the space where walls meet ceilings.

This is an easy and pretty inexpensive add-on that amounts to a cherry on top of a new kitchen. Crown molding also hides imperfections that may have developed over the years.

10. Add a skylight or extra window to let in more light.

Windows also make a room feel larger, especially for kitchens that have no window or a tiny one.

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December 15, 2022

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