This Laundry Room Renovation in Pickerington Ohio is What Dreams Are Made Of

Laundry, like death and taxes, is a fact of life. And, as the Macintosh family in Pickerington, Ohio figured, might as well make laundry day as pleasant as possible. 

When they approached us with their home renovation project, they wanted their home to fit their personality as a family, as well as easily serve their needs. They wanted a fresh, modern update with a light and airy feel. 

They didn’t stop at the laundry room, however. This family also hired us for a beautiful custom sunroom, a patio makeover, and a total kitchen redo. 

But in this article, we’re going to focus on this family’s laundry room home renovation makeover… because laundry is so much better when the room makes it easy (and dare we say, fun!) 

The Laundry Room Before the Home Renovation

home renovation

Before the Macintosh’s home renovation, their laundry room was, well, underwhelming. 

It was dark, cramped, and laundry would pile up because there wasn’t enough shelving and storage. 

They told us they really weren’t using the mud sink, either. 

What they really needed? A place to wash their dog, who loved getting muddy and playing outside!

So, we had an idea: a two-for-one room combo: the dog wash room and laundry room combined. Perfect. 

The glorious "After" Pic of This Home Renovation in Pickerington Ohio

home renovation pickerington ohio

A Perfect Place to Wash The Dog

dog wash station

A dog wash station in the laundry room? You bet. This family was tired of their dog tracking in dirt and mud from outside, and especially after their home renovation, who wants a bunch of dirt tracked in? 

This dog washing station takes the hassle out of doggie baths — the low tub makes it easy for your dog to get in and out, and the detachable shower head makes it easy to wash “all those angles”. 

The overall design is easy to clean as well. 

Worried about water ruining that hardwood floor? Don’t be? It’s actually not wood (although you could fool anyone.) 

The floors look like wood, but they’re made out of something better: composite. 

Unlike wood floors, Timbertech floors won’t: 

  • Rot, warp, or splinter
  • Need regular painting, sealing, or staining, 
  • Fade, scratch, or stain
  • Become food for termites. 

Call Heitmeyer Building and Design for Your Home Renovation Project near Pickerington, Ohio!

Here in Columbus Ohio and across the country, we’re seeing more multigenerational households than ever. (Today they account for one-third of all households, and this number is growing quickly since the pandemic.) 

Because of this, more families than ever are looking to remodel their homes to accommodate a wider range of ages and abilities. 

More importantly, the goal of universal design in homes is to make the environment as user-friendly and normal as possible. Normal in the sense that the features do not scream: “look at me, I was designed to help you.” Rather, they are more subtle and come in handy when you need them. So, people do not have to be constantly reminded of their disability – everyday tasks should feel like “everyday tasks.” 

Heitmeyer Building & Design brings over 100 years of experience in home building, design, and renovation. We make sure we meet your family’s unique living needs so you end up with the most beautiful, comfortable, fitting Columbus home. 

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