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Are you ready for a new home? The housing market in Pickerington, Ohio has plenty of appealing homes for sale. However, you may have specific ideas to make your dream home come true. 

You may not come across a home that appeals to you whether you’ve looked in Columbus, Winchester, Reynoldsburg, or any other Ohio city. Building your home would be a great alternative. 


But building a home is a lot of work to do yourself. Even with experience, you may not have all of the best resources available. That’s one reason why you should instead work with a custom home builder in Pickerington, Ohio. 


Continue reading to learn the other benefits of a custom home builder.

Fewer Points of Contact

The most advantageous perk of working with a custom home builder is the multiple connections they have. 


If you built your dream home yourself, you would have to find the right people yourself. That means researching quality contractors to work with, knowing where to find the best deals on good supplies, and handling the insurance and permit paperwork on your own. 


That requires much more time to get your home built. On your own, it could take up to a year, and that’s not including the pre-planning stages. 


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With a custom home builder, you reduce that time by a few months. They already have connections with quality sub-contractors. With their experience, they would also know where and when to find the best deals on top-tier materials. A legitimate custom home builder will have their credentials, including insurance. 


The time you save by primarily talking to just one person is tremendous.

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Your Home is Yours

Your imagination should roam free when coming up with your custom home design. You should dream up your home in your preferred location, at your needed size, and with your vision in mind. 


For your dream to become reality, you’ll need someone to ensure that your dream home is possible. A custom home builder has the experience to create a blueprint that matches your vision as closely as possible. 


They can also point out elements of your vision that may or may not be feasible. 


For the most part, whatever you desire for your home, a custom home builder will do what they can to ensure your vision becomes reality.

Quality Experience Bringing Quality Results

With their experience building numerous homes, the custom home builder will know where to find the best offers for the best material. 


One thing to note when selecting your custom home builder: when they make a bid, don’t fall for the cheapest price; the best deal doesn’t always amount to the best results. 


A good home builder will supply your home with materials that last long. Because the material will do your home good for years to come, it’ll directly affect the…

Home Value

The overall value of your home depends on what potential buyers are willing to pay for it. 


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The quality of the materials used to build your home affects the condition of the home. Newer materials mean that the home is much less likely to require repairs. 


Some other elements that affect the home’s value include:

  • Location: whether the home is near schools, jobs, food, etc
  • House size: not only is square footage important, but also the usable space available in the home
  • Surrounding neighborhood: how does your home compare to other area homes for sale?

By working with a custom home builder, you’ll have an advisor that will help you maximize the value of your home. If you plan to sell it, you’ll have plenty of leverage to bargain the selling price with the buyer. If you wish to age in place in this home, you can make the most out of your home and its location.

Save Money on Maintenance

With a home builder’s access to quality materials, not only will you get to boost your home value, you’ll save money in the long run. 


A good custom home builder will have sub-contractors that use the best material to build a lasting home. Meaning that you’ll have fewer repairs to worry about as the years pass by. 


Additionally, that means saving money on heating and cooling by anywhere between 30% to 50%. 


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Using material that keeps the favorable temperature in and unfavorable temperature out saves you money over time. 


As a bonus, custom home builders often provide a new home warranty.

Smoother Than Doing it Yourself

Some would say that building a home yourself will save you money on costs. However, they assume that most of the costs go toward the home builder and contractors. 


This is not the case. 


Because a custom home builder knows the best sub-contractors for the best price, where to get discount deals on materials, and how to avoid costly mistakes. Whatever price you pay for a custom home builder, they will easily make up for it. 


They will save you many weeks to months of building time as well.

Prepare Your Home for When/If Changes Happen

Let’s pretend that you didn’t fully think through the blueprints of your home. A custom home builder will offer suggestions you haven’t considered. 


One consideration is the possibility of expansion. The home builder will at least suggest that there’s space on the land; just in case you want to build any home additions later, you’ll have space to do so.

Ready to Work With a Custom Home Builder in Pickerington, Ohio?

Building a home from scratch will take several months. Save some time by working with an Ohio-based custom home builder. 


The team at Heitmeyer Building and Design places a heavy focus on care, communication, and comfort with our clients all across Ohio: in Columbus, Pickerington, Winchester, Reynoldsburg, and more. 


Contact us for your home building project ideas today.

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